Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beautiful Snow!

Hi girls, this is how we wake-up this morning here in Northeast Ohio 2009, It's a beautiful white!

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Polish Hoarder said...

I love fresh snow! :)

KONADomania said...

There's even much more snow here at my place;)
Lovely picture<3

Arie said...

Hi Polish Hoarder , me too I love the so fresh snow! :) thanks for visit!

Hi KONADomania, I am going to visit your blog to check if you post some pics, I loove a white winter of course from my warm seat in front of my computer ;), thanks for visit!

Danica said...

Wow, crazy, I used to live in NE Ohio. Geauga county. I just moved to Florida about 4 months ago and I do kind of miss the snow, it's beautiful!

Arie said...

Hi Danica, I live in Stark county :). Wow you move to Florida how nice!, I looove warm weather :), here we are freezing our butts ^_^

But you are right It's beautiful!