Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GIVE ME SOME LIP my inspired V-Day mani !

Lip Mani.

I got so much inspiration from this cute little box!!, so I dusted off my detailing brush and worked on this design!.

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Evil Angel said...

I love it, the little smoochies are awesome!

Jean said...

I just ordered this set yesterday! And it's actually sold out now, so I really hope my order processed before it sold out!

technopathetic said...

This is really cute!
I can't hand draw anything,
konad is my friend lol

HeavenNRJ said...

Super cute!!! :) I bet the "full nail" mani would look stunning as well!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this. I have lip tattoos and this is just sooooooooooooo me! wanna come do mine ;)

Arie said...

Hi Evil Angel, thank you!, I really love this one too !^_^

Hi Jean :), I hope you don't have any problems with the processing time and got yours too!.
Oh god I didn't know they were sold out already.

Hi Technopathetic, lol
I don't own the plate with the lips ^_^, so I had to draw mine. you should try, It was fun!!, just practice in a fake nail before ;)

Hi Heaven NRJ, thank you for visiting!, I thought about doing the full nail too ^_^, I have to do that one of this days!

Hi Ange-Marie! :), nice to see you here! Of course I will do the design in your beautiful nails anytime ^_^, is so nice to have this compliment, thank you so much!!

laquermanic said...

That is just awesome. You're good with that brush! :)

Arie said...

Hi Laquemanic :), Thank you!!

witoxicity said...

I know V-Day has come and centuries ago....but wow, I really love this mani! It's very cute and it certainly says V-D! :)

Arie said...

Hi witoxicity, Thank you, You've just made my day! ;).